AxMasks™ Tenor Saxophone Instrument Cover

Catalog: TBICT

Price: $29.95


This AxMasks™ instrument cover is specifically designed for a typical tenor saxophone The instrument covers use a unique woven fabric that is dense and non-stretch called AxMasks™ that provides a higher level of protection, as compared to stretch nylon or lycra. The density of the fabric limits the escape and flow of unwanted particles while offering enough space to play your instrument. The material can be washed and reused while still upholding its durability.

The musical instrument cover is designed with a tight elastic band on the right hand for a secure hold while the left hand is comparably looser for functional page-turning and quick restart. The white instrument covers are 5.3 oz cotton poplin, which is the same material used for high-quality face masks.

There will be a modest, but noticeable softening of volume and darkening of tone when using these covers, although most students, directors and listeners find this to beacceptable or even a pleasing modification.

Please remember that the use of bell covers, instrument covers and other products is not meant to replace any of the other virus mitigating recommendations by CDC, state health departments, medical professionals, or school administrators. Make sure to stay current with the latest research and recommendations before you return to making music in a group setting.Disclaimer:

This product has not been tested by the CDC, FDA, or any laboratory to stop the spread of viruses.

Model: TBICT
Manufacturer: Torpedo Bag