Spit Catcher Brass Accessory

Catalog: SC001

Price: $7.25

    • USE IN ANY MUSIC ROOM SETTING - Keeps the music environment clean and safe, being in a practice area at home, school, practice hall, music venue
    • ABSORBENT & WATERPROOF LAYERS- The ultra-absorbent top layer of fabric soaks up 10x its weight, while the waterproof layer keeps floors dry and germ-free
    • ANTIMICROBIAL - The top layer is infused with SILVADUR antimicrobial ions that inhibit bacterial growth and prevent bad odors
    • ECO-FRIENDLY - The Spit Catcher is machine-washable! Reusable and long lasting. Requires minimal care
    • SELF-PACKING - The absorbent pad is designed to easily fold into its own pouch for worry-free transport while keeping the inside of your case dry


Spit? Condensation? Water? Whatever you want to call what empties from the water-key or spit-valve on your brass or wind instrument, IT'S GROSS! Now with The Spit Catcher, there will be no more puddles of spit after each playing session. The Spit Catcher is made up of three layers of high quality fabric. The top absorbent layer can soak up to 10x its weight while the bottom waterproof layer keeps your floors clean. Each layer is infused with SILVADUR 930 Antimicrobial, a polymer-based antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents bad odors. Now you finally have a place to empty your spit valve/water key in a sanitary way! When your music session is over, fold The Spit Catcher into the integrated pocket on the back. The waterproof outer layer will keep the inside of your case dry as well. Toss The Spit Catchers in the washing machine to keep them fresh and ready. ,,,,Wash and dry on medium settings and your “Spit Catchers” will perform for a long time. A must have for every Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Euphonium, or Bassoon player! PATENT PENDING

100% Made in the USA. 100% Free of PFAS & PFOA.

Model: SC001
Manufacturer: Brasstache