Saxophone Symposium Volume 36-37 (2013/2014) - Journal

Catalog: NASA-V36-37

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The Saxophone Symposium, vol 36-37 (2013/2014), journal of the North American Saxophone Alliance.

Table of Contents:
  • Thomas Smialek: The First Solo Saxophone Recording Reconsidered
  • Andrew Justin Allen: The Symphonious Saxophone I: A History of the Large Saxophone Ensemble
  • Andrew Justin Allen: The Symphonious Saxophone II: A Quantitative
  • Analysis of the Saxophone Ensemble's Original Literature
  • Scottie Wright: Fernande Breilh-Decruck: Waiting for (Re)Discovery
  • Thomas Smialek/L.A. Logrande: America's 'Young Lady Saxophonist' of the Gilded Age
  • Jordan Smith: The Use of the Saxophone in the Music of Jules Massenet
  • Brian Kauth: Roman Palester's Concertino for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra

  • Publisher: NASA
    Catalog Number: NASA-V36-37