Saxophone Craze, The - CD

Catalog: NASA-101

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This compact disc recording includes 11 early 20th Century North American concert saxophonists. It was produced for the North American Saxophone Alliance and is a valuable historical reference.

Table of Contents:
  • Old Folks at Home (Jean Moeremans)
  • Carnival of Venice (Jean Moeremans)
  • Lanette. Waltz Caprice (H. Benne Henton)
  • Laverne. Waltz Caprice (H. Benne Henton)
  • The Bullfrog and the Coon-Medley (American Saxophone Band)
  • That Moaning Saxophone Rag (Six Brown Brothers)
  • Smiles and Chuckles (Six Brown Brothers)
  • Darktown Strutters Ball (Six Brown Brothers)
  • Saxophobia (Rudy Wiedoeft)
  • Valse Erica (Rudy Wiedoeft)
  • Souvenir (Rudy Wiedoeft)
  • Sax-O-Phun (Rudy Wiedoeft)
  • Al Fresco. Intermezzo (Duane Sawyer)
  • Fancy Little Nancy (Wheeler Wadsworth)
  • Old Man Jazz (Wheeler Wadsworth)
  • Saxophobia (Yerkes Saxophone Sextette)
  • Valse Hilda (Clyde Doerr)
  • Thais. Meditation (Clyde Doerr)
  • Miami (Clyde Doerr's Saxophone Orchestra)
  • I'm Just a Lonesome Little Raindrop (Bennie Krueger, Saxophone)
  • Baby, Oh Where Can You Be? (Merle Johnson Quartet)
Publisher: NASA
Catalog Number: NASA-101