Hohner Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica

Catalog: CCH48

Price: $3.99


You know the Hohner name is synonymous with harmonicas. We know these little harmonicas are incredibly classroom and group event friendly! These easy to play harmonicas are a fantastic value and have a great sound. Beginning players are able to achieve a pleasant tone right from the start and the uneven breathing patterns needed to play harmonica encourage healthy lungs. And of course, there’s just a “cool factor” about harmonicas that makes your older elementary and middle school students want to play!

Have fun creating music with your students while positively affecting their well-being with a Hohner Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica. The harmonica is a type of wind instrument that requires controlling breathing with both inhaling and exhaling, which can improve children’s concentration levels and reduce stress and anxiety. This 10-hole harmonica uses durable materials from brass reads to an injection-molded plastic body that can last through the wear and tear a child can bring. The harmonica comes with a clear sleeve to safeguard it for added protection when not in use.

  • Included: 1 Harmonica
  • Body: Plastic
  • Case: Clear, Vinyl Protective Sleeve
  • Color: Colors will vary.  If you have a color preference, please state it in the order notes at checkout. We will do our best to accomodate your request but may be unable to do so depending on supply.
  • Age: +3 years
  • Key of C

Model: CCH48
Manufacturer: Hohner