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25 Sacred Songs - Voice and Piano

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This collection of 25 sacred songs with keyboard harmonization by J. S. Bach includes a separate 20-page booklet with the tune and English lyrics - very useful for church soloists who wish to sing in English. Most songs also include bass figuration in the accompaniment.

Songs cover major festivals of the church year as well as various occasions and themes. This is a wonderful collection for church musicians looking to add a touch of Bach beyond hymns, but without the effort needed for arias. The songs are lightly ornamented and are most suitable for high voices.

Table of Contents:
  • Abkehr von der Welt / Away from Worldliness
  • Abschied / The Last Farewell
  • Advent
  • Am Karfreitag / On Good Friday
  • An Ostern / At Easter
  • An Pfingsten / At Pentecost
  • And der Krippe / At the Manger
  • Aus Angst und Not / In Fear and Despair
  • Beim Abendmahl / At the Last Supper
  • Bitte um ein seliges Sterben - Prayer for a Peaceful End
  • Dem Ende zu / Towards the End
  • Der himmlische Freund / The Heavenly Friend
  • Eins ist not / This only matters
  • Gebet / Prayer
  • Gethsemane
  • Im Licht - Towards the Light
  • In der Passionzeit / During Lent
  • Jesu, du bist mein / Jesus, thou art mine
  • Jesus der Braeutigam / Jesus the Bridegroom
  • Lobgesang / Song of Praise
  • Mit Gott vergnuegt / Happy in the Lord
  • Todessehnsucht / Longing for Death
  • Von Gottes Guete / Of God's Goodness
  • Von der Liebe zu Jesus / Of the Devotion to Jesus
  • Von der Treue zu Jesus / Of the Faith in Jesus

    Publisher: International
    Composer/Author: Bach, J. S.
    Arranger/Editor: Roth-Grossman
    Catalog Number: 944
    Pages: 39

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