Stanbury 10" Black Bell Cover for Mellophone, Baritone, Euphonium, Bass Trombone

Catalog: STBC10

Price: $15.98

This 10" Bell cover will fit many euphonium, bartone, mellophone and bass trombone bells.  The photo shows a trumpet bell cover.  For best results, please measure the instrument bell.

Made by worldwide uniform manufacturer Stanbury, these strechable bell covers have typically been used for marching bands as a decorative feature. They are now offered as a way to prevent some of the aerosols from coming out of brass and woodwind instruments.   The stretchable fabric allows for
easy installation on many bell sizes and does not affect the intonation or sound quality.

A recent NFHS study recommends bell coverings to help reduce particle concentrations on aerosols coming out of instrument bells.  Please rememeber that for woodwind instruments, much of the aerosols will also be coming out of the key hole area of instruments.  For more filtration, you may consider a full instrument cover, available for certain instruments.

These bell covers are a standard single ply.   For better results, consider using two covers. 
You can also use the appropriate size of a Merv 13 filtration material in addition to one or more covers.

Please remember that bell covers are not meant to substitute for any other protective measures such as wearing a mask, hand washing,   social distancing and other things recommended by the CDC or other health professionals.  These bell covers have not been tested for any particular amount of filtration and offer no guarantee of protection from COVID-19.

Model: STBC10
Manufacturer: Stanbury Unifroms